Andrew – Graphic Design Wiz.

Today I met Andrew, he was assigned to be my partner for this blog post by our teacher. Andrew is a graphic design instructor at Vancouver Community College(VCC). He has been in the graphic design industry for 25 years, and has just recently begun sharing his knowledge and passion through teaching. In the process of becoming an instructor at VCC, taking the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program(PIDP) was directly relevant in fact, a requirement to his teaching position. Although after being hired on with VCC, Andrew had signed up for the PIDP but had yet to start the course. He explained, in the first few weeks teaching he felt he learned more than the students did as he didn’t have much experience. Both Andrew and I agree, we are enjoying the program and are looking forward to learning more as we move through different courses.

Some trends in our fields and adult education we covered were on our most recent assignments on Cognitive Science. Risk taking or freedom to fail, which Andrew explained that students who were most willing to take a risk were the ones who learned the most. Here is a link to his video explaining this concept in depth.

We also spoke about emotions in adult education, I had covered this topic in my podcast with negative and positive emotions affecting learning in different ways. I explain ways on how to integrate ideas into my classroom for a better student experience.

Here I have linked my podcast on emotions and how it affects adult education.

I really enjoyed meeting Andrew, we talked about learning theories, adult education, amazing accomplishments in life, personal, and professional. We even covered the cannabis industry and I now have three new interesting books to read!
Hope you enjoy our collaboration, here is a link to his blog if you want to check it out!

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