Adult Education – Trends

Online Learning / Flipped Classroom

Traditionally, students would attend class in person and learn the majority of course content with direction from their instructor. In a flipped classroom, students take it upon themselves to review what will be covered the following day with assigned reading, online lectures, and self-directed research. With doing this, they will have a more engaging experience by applying the information they previously reviewed with the guidance of their instructor.

In the link below, I found an article on the flipped classroom education technique. In this article, the author Bethany Petty also included four tools for the flipped classroom.

These four tools are very beneficial for the flipped classroom, this trend can sometimes be difficult to keep students engaged and focused. By using the Google Classroom and Padlet mentioned in the article, you can create a platform for students to participate and reflect on assigned topics. These sources have also created an area where students participation is monitored, which can help boost motivation knowing the instructor can see who is logged in. I believe it is very beneficial for students to have access to course content before in-class engagement. Not only because it prepares them to engage in the classroom, but because these online portals also allow students to be able to review in an easily accessible manner, 24/7.

With hairdressing, it is more than just information delivery. Students need to visually learn to have a reference of what needs to be achieved when asked to perform assigned tasks. Given step by step instruction working on their mannequins will come easier if they watch the tutorial video and take notes prior to working hands-on. Creating an online hub for my students to have access to videos, study materials and an open discussion forum for questions and support at any time allows the greatest opportunity for success. Can you imagine, a class with no lost/forgotten/eaten homework? This teaching method leaves less room for error as the assignments are easily accessible with one click. This is also beneficial if students miss a day of school they can easily catch up on what was covered with their online access.

To prepare for my flipped classroom education approach, I plan to use an online learning center like Google Classroom. I will be creating content for the course curriculum to share with my students online. Finding tutorials through different resources like YouTube, Instagram, and professional hair blogs. I will be creating video tutorials and audio recordings when there needs to be a specific topic covered. Using these resources also allows for quizzes and study materials to be given to students to aid in their studying. Each student learns at their own pace, I want to be able to assist every student at the level and speed they are learning. Some students may pick up how to do a perfect round brush blow-dry after the first or second try, others it might take a little bit longer. It is essential in the hairdressing industry that each student has mastered the fundamental basics before beginning their careers. Knowing how to perform each service properly allows clientele growth, and opens up the opportunity for them to learn new trends and techniques with ease. I believe a flipped classroom will provide my students the time to work on their individual needs as growing hairdressers.

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