Hair Trends of 2019

Tone. Texture. Tousles.

2019 brings us a trolley full of new trends to bring out our creativity. Every year hairdressers can commonly predict there are modern changes in trends. All of which is about to change what they have to deliver for their customers. The only questions are, what and when? New trends arriving just in time for the new year and subsequently creates new education opportunities. Here is a link to an article I found from the Vancouver Sun about the new trends of an effortless look for this year.

Hair trends for 2019 – Vancouver Sun

I also wanted to incorporate another article I found on trends for 2019 that includes different textures and hair colors. The hairdressing industry has many categories that change annually which is why this article is also important to share. It displays the difference in which texture and hair color also contribute to new trends while still keeping it effortless for 2019.

The article from the Vancouver Sun explains that environmental changes with the modern busy adult verses social media perfection. We are all looking for more simplicity in life but still want to look and feel our best. As hairstylists we need to be able to facilitate the change our clients ask for and keep their natural texture and lifestyle in mind. Our society is changing into a more organic, authentic and natural raw embrace of our true selves. We can see this in grocery stores, where the organic and natural sections become bigger and bigger each year. For 2019 we now see it displayed in our hairstyles as well. Whether the client is choosing to go all natural and let their grey hair grow out to show natural sparkle and wisdom or, if it’s cropping the length of their hair and embracing natural texture. Every option given in these articles are changes that I see happening every day in the salon. Here is an image I chose to display what natural texture styled hair would look like with a soft wave. Undone and elegant, but still done. BEAUTIFUL.

Google image (not my work)

The hairdressing industry goes through phases of trends, not every client that my students see will be “on trend” with their desired look. This means that they will need to have the knowledge and skill to adjust the result. Some trends last years for some people after they are introduced to society. Meanwhile, others will be changing their locks every time something new and exciting comes out. I want to ensure my students can adapt to any request their customer may inquire about. For example; the “Faux Hawk” haircut has not been popular for years yet is now a rising trend for short haircuts in 2019. Trends are created and mostly influenced by the European market which their inspiration eventually makes it’s way over to Canada some time later. Fashion companies, movie stars and singers are advertising billboards for the population with new and upcoming trends. Most trends return after years of being in the shadows but, with a new modern twist. The year of 2018 short, masculine haircuts was mainly focused on the fade (zero degree elevation at the sides and back) with a variation of styles on top. These styles included the pompadore, hard part, long messy textured, crew cut, textured crop and buzz. We should expect to still continue to see these styles through 2019. The new and modern look for the Faux Hawk in 2019 is the “Faded Faux” as shown in this photo of the two different styles. I did not see this haircut making a come back but I have to be honest, I’m not mad about it are you?

Google image (not my work)

Ash tones were introduced and took over the industry in 2018, for 2019 we have still held onto the cooler color blend but incorporating the new tone for 2019 which is something called Pantone. This is what world renowned companies in fashion and hair use for their new launches for the upcoming year.

Pantone 2019
Google image (not my work)

The Pantone shade for 2019 is living coral, which extends onto both sides of cool and warm tonality change. Cooler tones can extend into lighter coral color like peach all the way into a pastel pink and violet hues. A warmer version of coral can become more of a copper tone and even pops of orange-red. A neutral version would be a brown or blonde with warmer tones like chocolate or copper brown and golden suede blonde. The second article I posted from Elle describes the nuance with tone and texture in hair styling and coloring trends. Being able to look at hair from a different angle is where I want to lead my students to see. Instead of seeing brown hair, they see what tone that brown is. Cool ash brown verses seeing warm golden brown. Being able to differentiate tone is essential to being a hair color expert. It can assist you in what your new color formulation will be if your client is asking for a change to their desired look. The following image displays different tones of coral, some may not be able to see the difference in tonal distribution. Take a look and see what different tones you can see all within one color range. This image also displays the haircuts and styling techniques that are on trend for 2019.

Google image (not my work)

I will prepare my students to visually dissect any hair cut or color ensuring the result is achievable. Being in the age of social media influence, majority of the time a client coming to get their hair done will bring a photo from Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. Training my students to see what the client sees is going to be a very important exercise to practice. Consultation is key, it is the first step to performing any services on clients. It is when the communication comes through to see what the client likes about the photo they chose from the internet, and if it is even achievable. As D’Amours explains in the article from the Vancouver Sun that some photos a customer may bring in is not realistically achievable for their hair. Its the hard truth, but it is the truth. My students will be masters at color theory, we will practice hair cuts and coloring techniques on mannequins. Each year that new trends come along my students will be prepared to take on any challenge. After all, everyone needs their hair done!

If you have become inspired by this post and are looking to add to your hair accessories here is a link to an article I found with the top 10 websites to add to your collection! Happy hair styling everyone!

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